How Much Does A Web Hosting Service Cost

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Asking how much a website hosting service cost is a good question to know the answer to as a web host cost can be cheap or expensive.

In this short and straight to the point post, we will address this

How Much Does a Web Hosting Service Cost?

A Quick Breakdown of the Cost

The typical price for a website hosting plan ranges from $1 to $30 per month. 

While on the expensive end, you are looking at $100 plus monthly.

The pricing for a web hosting service depends on whether you get a shared, virtual private server, cloud, dedicated server plan, how many months you sign up for, etc.

Also, the cost of web hosting services is affected a lot by whether one picks an unmanaged or managed hosting plan.

There are really a lot of factors that web hosting providers use to determine the cost of hosting plans.

The good news is that most website hosting companies provide and run a lot of deals.

The step we recommend that you need to take when looking at any hosting provider’s price is to focus on important extra features & services provided.

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