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Our goal is to provide you with well researched and helpful guides for the most asked questions relating to websites or blog speeds, security, performance, scalability, and how the right web hosting impacts them.

So if you question relating to web hosting services, improving your website or blog speed, ways to secure your website or blog, you have come to the right place.

How THEHowAndWhatWebHostingNerd Got Started…

Hello, fellow humans, I’m Emmanuel, the founder of THEHowAndWhatWebHostingNerd…

I launched THEHowAndWhatWebHostingNerd as a free resource that provides businesses and bloggers with detailed guidance that will help them make an informed decision when it comes to their WordPress security, speed, and website hosting.

Some Fun Facts About me That You May Or May Not Give A Sh.t About…

  1. I have been on the internet and marketing world for over 15 years
  2. I love fashion
  3. After working for fortune 500 and 1000 companies for 7 years, I started my own digital marketing company for law firms
  4. After doing SEO consulting for a few years I stopped taking clients and started affiliate marketing as it more conducive to my long term goals of traveling while making passive income
  5. Most of my income comes from pay per call affiliate marketing and WordPress affiliate marketing
  6. I speak two languages with multiple dialects
  7. I have a dual citizenship
  8. Los Angeles, California is home
  9. I have stayed for weeks or months in over 21 international cities in the past 2.5 years ( London, Dubai, Prague, Quito, Medellin, Berlin, Bali, Gold Coast, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Brisbane, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne, Reykjavik, Phuket Island, Vancouver, Montreal, Barcelona, Havana, Santorini, Warsaw, Krakow, Sofia, Budapest, Zagreb, etc )
  10. I got my degree in Psychology
  11. I took my LSAT after college but decided not to go to law school. However, I’m considering going to law school to get a JD
  12. I love hiking ( I try to hike at least 7 to 12 miles a week)
  13. I love pizza
  14. I love Thai food
  15. I love Indian food
  16. I love Tacos
  17. I love Nigerian food
  18. I’m a Lakers fan
  19. I’m a Chargers fan
  20. For soccer, I’m a Man United fan
  21. more to come 🙂